Welcome to Kent Car Club!

For anyone who has visited this site over the last week, you may have been confused with what is happening here. Well we are starting a new car club that is located in Kent, for anyone who is interested in driving their cars. It really is as simple as that.

Our emphasis will be towards mid-ranged to high-powered Japanese cars from manufacturers like Toyota, Nissan, Mazda, Honda and many more besides.

The club is being founded by a group of petrol heads from Kent who have a passion for cars, from talking about their inner workings to driving them on the beautiful countryside roads.

If you want to join and get involved, feel free to register on the forums and start chatting away. As this is a brand new club and site, we encourage anyone to join in who is interested in Japanese sports cars or wishes to learn more.

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Welcome to Kent Car Club. We are a Japanese and performance car club that run events for people who live in and around Kent in England. If there are any problems with the site or if you have any concerns then contact us via email at admin@kentcarclub.co.uk .

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