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After searching for a long time, we have finally find a more suitable theme for the club website to tide us over until we have enough content to move onto the Joomla platform.

This new look allows for more information to be accessed by any visitor in a single glance, quick links are easily used from the top menu, while being simple to use.

New articles can now be submitted by any club member, so if you wish to add content and be credited for that, please contact the site admin to receive a login – with this, if what you post is seen to be useful it may even be ‘featured’ at the top of the homepage.

We’re now looking to run a club event in the local area and a date will be set shortly. The format will probably take that of an hour’s drive ending with a pub lunch in or around Canterbury. If you want a hand in the organisation of the route taken, feel free to post in the ‘events’ area of our forums.

A new club logo is now designed and will be appearing across the site, so there is a lot going on and hopefully things will continue to grow over the winter period, ready for a possible European excursion in the springtime.

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Welcome to Kent Car Club. We are a Japanese and performance car club that run events for people who live in and around Kent in England. If there are any problems with the site or if you have any concerns then contact us via email at .

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