Merry Christmas – Looking to Next Year

There is a lot to talk through and a lot to say but firstly, merry Christmas everyone and seasons greetings. In the next year we’re looking to do a lot of things in this club so here is a run down of our thoughts for next year!!

Regular Club Meets (Next 24/01/2010)
Every other month we are looking to hold a meet that involves a 2 hour drive through some of Kent’s most enjoyable roads ending at a pub for mid-day lunch. The format may change every once in a while to keep your on your toes (including start times ranging from sunrise to sundown). The next event will be held on the 24th January 2010 so keep your eyes the homepage and the forum for the key details (times and start locations).

BHP Show – Club Stand
If you’ve had your eye on the forums recently you’ll know that we are looking to have a Kent Car Club stand at the next BHP show and have invited our friends over at to come along for the day. The idea for this is to have as many rare cars present as possible in amongst the rest of our car club members. We have on good authority that there will be at least 3 very rare vehicles present that Japanese car enthusiasts should not miss!

Longest Day!
How better than to celebrate the longest day of the year with a weekend club event, driving across Kent and East Sussex in the early hours when the roads are clear of traffic, with the most amount of hours of daylight? Details are still sketchy but due to the scale of the event, we will be inviting more than just the club regulars, so watch this space!

Midsummers Night
A late afternoon BBQ for all club members and we may even throw in a little something to go along with this depending on the date this falls. We may, once again, go on a drive or just meet up for something a little different, in a picturesque place where good quality photos can be taken. 

Coastal Run
We will look to do several coastal runs, on those lazy August days, following the horizon around the Kent coast line with plenty of stops for fish and chips.

Belgium Christmas Market – Day Trip 6th November 2010
For anyone interested there will be a Christmas day trip next November (crazy to be talking about this now!) however the idea is that we will all drive across the French border into Belgium and spend the morning roaming around the old city of Leper. This old city has a huge beautiful cathedral as it’s centre point, surrounded on 3 sides by rivers and canals. After visiting the morning market we will make our way back to Calais where we can finish our Christmas shopping and meet up for a meal together before heading back to England.

Remember that this is just an indication of what we have planned – we are always on the look out for other possible events to run or attend (if run by other clubs!).

Scattered through the year there will also be flash events for those who have a boring week ahead and just want to meet up for a chat or drive in a less arranged fashion.

Some other changes include updates to the website and forum, other prizes and competitions while also expanding our club into other surrounding regions.

Finally, we all wish you all a merry Christmas and of course, a Happy, event filled new year!

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  1.  It was originally planned to start the club at the beginning of the driving season in the spring 2010. It is amazing how far the club has come already, I am positive if we continue the friendly atmosphere it will continue to grow. The selection of Kent Car Club events planned for 2010, have been based on feedback after listening to members. Already the Club has shown its flexibility with events being planned for the: morning, afternoons, evenings, weekends,  including, shows, trips abroad, meet & runs. One of the nicest things that has already come to light about the Kent car club, is that it welcomes the opportunity to work with and support other car clubs. (In joint events and interclub events)
    Enjoy your car whatever model or make it is, and please take advantage of these meetings.

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