New Feature! – Events Calendar

Some of you may have already noticed but there is a new menu item at the top of this page called the ‘Event Calendar’. This does exactly what it says on the tin (as the guy from the Ronseal adverts would have you believe!) and is currently being populated for the coming year.

Eventually all club events for the year will be listed including available details. There will also be other events that may interest club members or anyone who visits this website. If you know of an event that you are attending but is not included in the calendar, let us know so we can both add it there, but also come along with you to support whatever it is (as long as it is car related of course!).

A number of other things are going on in the background so please, please keep checking back regularly for updates!

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Welcome to Kent Car Club. We are a Japanese and performance car club that run events for people who live in and around Kent in England. If there are any problems with the site or if you have any concerns then contact us via email at .

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