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One of the things that makes a car club impressive is the range of vehicles owned by the clubs members and how they manage to customise their machines to make something special and unique.

A number of cars have appeared in our Projects area of our club forum over the last few months and here is a run down of several of those that have caught our eyes the most!

MR2 V6 1-MZ Supercharged Auto Engine Conversion!

If you are interested in modifying sports cars then this one should instantly grab your attention. Taking a stock MR2, removing the standard 4 cylindar engine and changing it for one that was never supposed to be fitted is quite the challenge. What makes this car so special amongst the increasingly common V6 conversion is that the car’s owner, Top Gear, is looking to keep the engine as an automatic. This requires a lot of modification work to the cars engine bay to allow the engine to fit with it’s original automatic gear box in tact, but if that is not enough, he’s also looking to strap on an authentic TRD supercharger to boot! For the full run down of the amount of effort that has gone into this car to date, check out the project thread.

Toyota Supra – MKIV Auto

Club member ‘The Raven’ has taken this originally hideous Supra and turned it in a thing of pure beauty by firstly removing the Castrol decals, spraying and fitting a body kit and adding a whole manner of upgrades to the aesthetic of the vehicle.

Even down to removing the headlights, having them modified and refurbished then refitted to change the front of the car for the better. An impressive ICE install helps add the finishing touchs to the car. In the near future Raven is looking to change the stock naturally aspirated engine with a twin turbo lump worthy of powering his machine. Again, a full range of photos have been posted in the discussion thread on our forums detailing the love that has gone into this car.

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