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The forum is now functioning again however please be aware that due to the corruption of our backups, the last version we have is from mid January. Therefore unfortunatly all conversations have been lost from that date alongside anyone who registered. We apologise for this however it is something now out of our hands.

For the future we are setting up a backup system where-by the backups are stored on a seperate hard disk for security reasons. We are also working on locking down any potential security holes, this means there will unfortunatly be reduced functionality on the forum in terms of the ability to upload files and images.

This is a necessary precaution to reduce the change of this happening again.

—end update—

The website is back up and functional but the forum still needs a bit of work. For those that missed today’s earlier message, the website was infected with a virus through an injection exploit. What this basically means is that anyone who visited the website since 2pm on Sunday may possibly have had a virus downloaded to their PC’s. Although the virus in question is known by Antivirus providers, it is still recommended that you run a full scan of your systems. I apologise for this happening, although it was out of my hands. Luckily I made regular backups of the database so nothing has been lost from either the forum or this homepage.

I need to check a few things with the forum database backup before having that set-up again so this may take some time although it will be functioning again by tomorrow evening. Once again, apologies for this inconvenience.

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Welcome to Kent Car Club. We are a Japanese and performance car club that run events for people who live in and around Kent in England. If there are any problems with the site or if you have any concerns then contact us via email at .

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  1. Website Issues

    The problem was quickly identified by Gazz who responded instantly and responsibly by temporarily removing the website. Prior to the website problem and at the time it was discovered I was monitoring the home page and the forum. I have completed a full virus scan using the most up-to-date version of AVG 9 and AVG commercial virus software and found no infection. The Internet website hosting provider has been contacted to put the necessary precautions in place to prevent this happening again.
    I personally think that this was a very rare case as I have two websites that have been running 5 years with the same hosting company and never had a problem. I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of all the members to thank Gazz for working into the late hours of yesterday and today to get our club website back online.
    As soon as the forum is up, hopefully today, check out car parts for sale. I have had some really good feedback from this already and managed to sell several items in a couple of days.
     The Kent run is not far away now, have you got your name down.

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