March Best Presented Cars

It was a tough decision to make but we have chosen to select three cars again for the best presented cars at the March 7th ‘Sunrise Club’ event. The turn out of vehicles was awesome and the full photo gallery will appears shortly.

Due to no previous winners attending the event, it was down to myself and Top Gear to select those cars that we felt were most deserving of the 2 £25 gift vouchers. Drawn between three cars as to who should win, we finally decided to also include a runners up prize as per the January event.

The winning cars have come as quite a surprise to both of us as the Mark 3 Toyota MR2 does not appeal to either of us, and I personally dislike big cars like the BMW’s. However to have won these prizes shows that no matter what the vehicle is, if it has that something special about it, it can overcome the judges bias to win!

The three best presented cars are as follows:

1) Silver Mark 3 Toyota MR2 (£25)
2) White Honda NSX (£25)
3) Blue BMW (A Kent Car Club coffee mug and Pen)

To claim your prize please send a private message to Top Gear via our forum.

We now have a number of trophies to be awarded to ‘Best Presented Car’ winners, full details are currently on the forum, however watch the homepage for the full details of what we have planned for later in the year.

Here are the winning cars in all their glory!

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