BHP Performance Show – Update!

With just 2 weeks to go until this event takes place, we’re all getting our cars ready in anticipation for what should be the main event to kick off the motoring season.

Our stand is in association with a variety of clubs, however if you wish to take part we ask that anyone using our stand register on our club form to keep up to date with anything that may change as we head towards the 3rd of March. The stand we have has been allocated space for up to 25 cars, 23 of which have been confirmed as being used up. We also have a few other nice surprises for the day so even if you don’t want to have a place on the club stand, feel free to come over and introduce yourself. Everyone will make you feel welcome.

The stand will have several immaculate vehicles, including the recently show-winning Mitsubishi Pajero, the unveiling of two especially impressive modified vehicles, as can be seen in the project area of our forums.

We are also welcoming people from the MR2 Owners Club, Kent Car Owners Club, Kent Car Craft and SVA Imports to come along and join in the fun while we all mingle between our respective stands.

There is simply too much to detail here that is happening on the day, so please look at the following pages for further details:

Original Kent Car Club News Article

Signup Thread from Kent Car Club Forum
MR2 Owners Club Signup Thread

Official BHP Performance Show Website

Kent Car Craft Website
SVA Imports Website

We welcome anyone and everyone to come along and visit us on the day, we are a friendly bunch who all have one thing in common, our general love of auto-mobiles.

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