BHP Show 2011 – Attendees Update!

After the word was put out about Kent Car Craft taking pride of place at the next BHP car show, taking place on Monday 2nd May, a huge number of car enthusiasts have put their names forward to be positioned on the club stand!

Over forty people have come forward and will be present on the Kent Car Club stand where a marquee will be accessible for use by all club members. We have also coupled with the Mustang Owners Club to have a further fifteen Ford Mustangs alongside our stand to encompass all of what we are about! Bringing petrol heads together to be a part of a larger community.

If you have shown an interest in having your car on the club stand please get in contact with Top Gear on our forum as soon as possible. To secure your place we will need contact and vehicle details to supply you with your tickets!

So much more is taking place that we can’t begin to detail here so check out the following forum threads:

Key Details

Pre-BHP Show Social Event – Saturday 23rd April

General Discussion

Attendee List


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