We are a car club based in Kent, South East England, aimed at bringing car enthusiasts of all types together. The club encourages people who own vehicles from a variety of manufacturers to take part and become part of our growing community of petrol heads. So no matter what car you drive we would love to see you at a local event.

Our club is made up from car enthusiasts in all walks of life, from those in their 20s through to 60s. As long as you have a love for motorsport, and vehicles in general, and a mature approach to driving, we welcome everyone to join.

As a club, we have a number of core aims that include:

  • Holding regular events across the year,
  • Provide a place for enthusiasts to discuss things car-related,
  • To enjoy the company of like-minded individuals of all ages.

The forum is the hub of all our club activity, however we have now branched into using social media. If you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can find us here:

The club is free to join and we encourage you to suggest new ideas or changes that will improve things for all involved.

So feel free to say hello and post a few photos of your own vehicle, everyone loves to see well maintained cars. Welcome to this club, we hope to make it something truly special.

Welcome to Kent Car Club

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