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There are so many roads that are worth driving in Kent for a variety of reasons, from the excitement of the drive through to admiring the beautiful county scenery. If you know of an ejoyable road or route that can be listed for car enthusiasts to try out within Kent, please bring them to our attention by posting them in the main forum for discussion.

Stone Street – B2068

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This is an old Roman road that undulates from Canterbury, southwards to finish at the roundabout at Junction 11 just off the M20. A good pace can be maintained along the whole length due to it’s mainly straight direction which is interspersed with a variety of sweeping bends. If you want to drive at the (speed) limit, then remember that there is a number of villages where the speed limit changes down from national to 50mph. If you choose to drive this road, it can be very busy during the daytime as it is one of the major linking roads in East Kent, therefore it is recommended to drive this road either early in the morning or late in the evening.

Thanet Triangle

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Well it’s not so much a triangle but a few roads that link together to make a nice enjoyable route that takes in a variety of road types. The complete circuit should only take around 15 minutes to complete if the traffic volume is low. It is recommended, for maximum enjoyment, that the route is not driven in times of peak traffic flow (4-7pm) as the roads are narrow in places which can hinder progress. There are a number of locations where visibility is poor and extra caution is necessary – this route is perhaps better suited to the experienced driver.

Ashford – Folkestone Sprint

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