Well its that time of year again!!!

PREP TIME FOR THE BHP SHOW 2015 only a few weeks to go in the grand scheme of things.

So who fancies coming along next year.  We are planning on making 2015 bigger and better than ever but we cannot do that without YOU our members so please help support us in 2015!!  Would be great to see you come along to what we have planned for the year ahead.

So whos up for the BHP show 2015 on the 4th May 2015




We are a car club based in Kent, South East England, aimed at bringing car enthusiasts of all types together. The club encourages people who own vehicles from a variety of manufacturers to take part and become part of our growing community of petrol heads. So no matter what car you drive we would love to see you at a local event.

Our club is made up from car enthusiasts in all walks of life, from those in their 20s through to 60s. As long as you have a love for motorsport, and vehicles in general, and a mature approach to driving, we welcome everyone to join.

As a club, we have a number of core aims that include:

  • Holding regular events across the year,
  • Provide a place for enthusiasts to discuss things car-related,
  • To enjoy the company of like-minded individuals of all ages.

The forum is the hub of all our club activity, however we have now branched into using social media. If you already have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can find us here:

The club is free to join and we encourage you to suggest new ideas or changes that will improve things for all involved.

So feel free to say hello and post a few photos of your own vehicle, everyone loves to see well maintained cars. Welcome to this club, we hope to make it something truly special.

Welcome to Kent Car Club

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New Social Media Features


To help keep the community fresh with news and content we are expanding to make better use of social media. You should now see the option to login using single sign-on which will work if you are already logged into another social media site.
Current Members
If you want to make use of this feature, visit the forum and click on the social media login option of your choice. To ensure that your accounts are correctly linked together you must make sure the email address for your Kent Car Club forum account matches that which is registered for your Social Media account.
For example, if you want to use your Facebook details to enable one-click sign and you use for that service, you must ensure this is the same as the one used for the Kent Car Club discussion forums. If they do not match, a brand new account will be created automatically.
New Members
If you are a new member you can either register using the standard PHPBB3 system, or just by simply clicking on the social media service of your choice, from the top of the discussion forums.

Club success at JapShow

Two of our very own club members came in the top 5 cars at the Jap Show held at Santa Pod Raceway. It is not a surprise that Rob (mitchell9006) was one of the top cars at the Show again this year. A beautiful car with lots of attention to detail.

Alongside this car was also founding club member Top Gear’s unique and very special V6 MR2! This is brilliant news for the club and shows how far we have come since starting this club almost two years ago, the club members dedication to their vehicles and they deserve all the recognition they recieve.

Following this top 5 position, these cars are being featured in a number of car enthusiast magazines so keep your eyes pealed for those.