Forum Roundup

We haven’t had an update for quite a long time now so I felt it would be a good opportunity to let people know what is happening across our small, but growing, community on the forums.

The main focus of the club are of course, the events themselves. Our next gathering will be on the 24th April, which is a Saturday. We expect quite a few people to come along for the meet, where photos and video footage will be the order of the day!

A lot of talk has been going on surrounding the BHP Show as it is just around the corner. We have a large number of names listed as attending and everyone who is a member of the Kent Car Club forum are welcome to book and make use of our club stand. A few other clubs have been invited to take part in what is looking to be a petrolheads dream!

Alongside the events a number of highly impressive projects are being closely detailed, including the on-going saga of the V6 1MZ engine conversion for a (not so humble any more!) MR2. New member McCarthy is showing some impressive progress with his 1991 FC3S RX7, with a complete engine overhaul alongside custom metal work on the exhaust system. Take a look at the photos and revel in his spectacular handywork (yes he did the welding with his own fair hands!)

A couple of high-lift 4×4’s have started to crop up and a recent show win for JetskiDavid has made his orange machine stand out even more than usual. Full details on this achievement will follow with it’s own complete article shortly.

So there you have it, alongside the ever increasing numbers in our community, the expansion of the forum areas and the general feeling that the club is now going somewhere is really uplifting to see. If you have any suggestions to improve what is happening here, please let us know and please sign up to the forum as that is the heart of everything we do.

New Website for Kent Car Craft

One of our recommended traders have just had an upgrade to their website from a static HTML site to using Joomla. They are located in Ramsgate, Kent and provide a whole range of services, from basic servicing and MOT work through to complete engine rebuilds and diagnostics.

They specialise in performance vehicles so if your on this club, chances are they will be able to help you out too so give them a call or email to see if they are able to do the work you need on your car.

You can find them here:

Website Issues – Update!


The forum is now functioning again however please be aware that due to the corruption of our backups, the last version we have is from mid January. Therefore unfortunatly all conversations have been lost from that date alongside anyone who registered. We apologise for this however it is something now out of our hands.

For the future we are setting up a backup system where-by the backups are stored on a seperate hard disk for security reasons. We are also working on locking down any potential security holes, this means there will unfortunatly be reduced functionality on the forum in terms of the ability to upload files and images.

This is a necessary precaution to reduce the change of this happening again.

—end update—

The website is back up and functional but the forum still needs a bit of work. For those that missed today’s earlier message, the website was infected with a virus through an injection exploit. What this basically means is that anyone who visited the website since 2pm on Sunday may possibly have had a virus downloaded to their PC’s. Although the virus in question is known by Antivirus providers, it is still recommended that you run a full scan of your systems. I apologise for this happening, although it was out of my hands. Luckily I made regular backups of the database so nothing has been lost from either the forum or this homepage.

I need to check a few things with the forum database backup before having that set-up again so this may take some time although it will be functioning again by tomorrow evening. Once again, apologies for this inconvenience.

New Feature! – Events Calendar

Some of you may have already noticed but there is a new menu item at the top of this page called the ‘Event Calendar’. This does exactly what it says on the tin (as the guy from the Ronseal adverts would have you believe!) and is currently being populated for the coming year.

Eventually all club events for the year will be listed including available details. There will also be other events that may interest club members or anyone who visits this website. If you know of an event that you are attending but is not included in the calendar, let us know so we can both add it there, but also come along with you to support whatever it is (as long as it is car related of course!).

A number of other things are going on in the background so please, please keep checking back regularly for updates!

Whats Happening?

Over the next few weeks this site will have content created with the layout and format possibly changing as well. If you want to get involved with the growth of this site and club, please register on our forums and give any suggestions you can think of.

We are trying to encourage car enthusiasts of all ages, but generally speaking we are looking for just that, enthusiasts, so boy-racers and talks about ‘street racing’ are discouraged.

Eventually news will be regularly picked from various sources and posted here, things that are interesting from other news websites and aggregators from across the globe.

So there are just a couple of things to keep you all interested and hopefully you’ll start to get involved too.