Our own Top Gear represents at Jap Fest 2 – 2011

Club member, Top Gear, made his way up to Jap Show 2 at Donnington Park and come across several other Kent Car Club members while there. It’s great to hear that our members are travelling far and wide to visit the big car events through the year so to help support our members, here is a selection of photographs taken during the weekend.

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Ashford Photography Society BHP Show Photos

We have a selection of photos taken by Ashford Photography Society’s member Gary, all taken during the BHP Performance Show. The pick of the photos can be found in our photo gallery and the full selection can be seen in our ‘Event Photos‘ area of the club forum.

These photos really are of a professional quality showing the raw action of the drift cars, the sunglasses inducing engine bays and gorgeous club stand models. Once more, huge thanks to Gary for taking these photos and sending them through for use on our club website.

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Mid Morning Motoring – Photo Gallery

Here is a selection of photographs taken by our resident photographer (and co-founder!) Top Gear from last Sundays meet!

There were some nice sprints and the weather held so we couldn’t have asked for more!

Thanks again to everyone who turned up for the event. We are always open to suggestions for changes to the format so keep your eyes open for the next event that should be determined in the coming days!

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Show & Shine Photos

The photos from Ashford Photographers Society are now in! You can see the full set by either viewing this full article or through the Photo Galleries section of this website.

Kent Car Club would like to individually thank Gary, Phillip, Marcello, Sue, Gordon, Richard, Martin and Marjorie for coming along on the day and making this event a great success, finding a brilliant location for the scenery shown within the photos below. Voting is due to start where members of Kent Car Club will be voting on their top three pictures on our very own forum here.

So now please enjoy the photographs, we look forward to future joint events as there is a clear crossing of interests, from Kent Car Club members wanting memorable photographs of their cars and Ashford Photographers Society looking for attractive objects to take photographs of.

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Mid-day Madness! – Best Presented Cars

This has taken a while to be announced however we have decided on who the ‘best presented’ cars were at the recent Club Meet that took place on 06/06/2010!

Of the cars that attended there were several cars that stood out from the croud and we are pleased to announce the following people have won:

1) Black Sport 160 – Lotus Elise Sport 160 (£25 gift voucher)
2) Ash – BMW (£25 gift voucher)
3) Neiljohnson – Focus RS (A Kent Car Club coffee mug and Pen)

Note to winners: To claim your prizes please register on the club forum and send your details to the site administrator, Top Gear.

And now for photos of each of the winner’s vehicles (also viewable within the photo gallery):

Mid-day Madness! – Photo Gallery

Sunday’s event went incredibly smoothly with a great bunch of people from both our club and also Pistonheads.com. A photo gallery is now up in the usual place too.

Our resident photographer managed to take some rebellious photos of two lovely ladies who just happened to be at the meeting point to see the convoy off for the day. Once again we’d like to thank everyone who came along for the event and please keep checking back to see what else is going on throughout the summer months.

We have yet to decide who has won the best presented prize for this event however keep watching this space as the results will be posted up later in the week!

Introducing The Rebels – Car Club Models

Some of you may have seen these lovely ladies showing off at the recent BHP Performance Show that Kent Car Club attended at the start of the month. We are proudly announcing the formation of the Kent Car Club Models, known collectively as ‘The Rebels’.

Over the next year The Rebels will be attending a variety of events to help promote the club and to lighten the mood wherever they chose to have their photos taken. To help everyone get to know Jodie and Kate we have asked them a few questions about why they are modelling for the club and some other general details we’re sure you will enjoy reading about.

What made you decide to become a model for Kent Car Club?
Who wouldn’t turn down being centre of attention!?!
We love supporting Kent Car Club and posing over the members sexy cars, ha ha!!

I understand that you attend a lots of Motorcycle events, how did the BHP show compared to them?
Difficult to compare as when we attend motorbike events we purely go to watch the racing, where as with the BHP show as we were part of it the atmosphere felt amazing.

You have nicknamed yourselves “The Rebels”, how did this come about and do you consider yourself as rebels?
We come up with the name after being rebels climbing all over Daves “Rebel” truck attracting attention at the BHP show

How do you think your photos have turned out?
Well how do you think they’ve turned out!?! …

If you had £5000 to spend on a car what would you buy?
A cute mini cooper… with a few more £’s a mini cooper S convertible!!

If you had no limit what car would you buy and what colour?
Jodie: I would like something BIG ‘N’ BEASTY, hey Dave rumour has it, you’re selling your truck!!
Kate: Something little and sporty in pink… not a flying pig!!

We know you’re interested in Motorcycles and Cars, do you have any other favourite hobbies?
SHOPPING!!! We wouldn’t mind getting into a bit of drifting ha ha!

So how do you keep fit?
Jodie: I am a fully trained Fitness Instructor/ Personal Trainer, so I keep myself fit through doing my job.
Kate: Jodie makes me come to her classes

Are you looking forward to doing more shows with Kent Car Club and how did you feel after doing the last one?
Can’t wait we got such a buzz from the last show, we are really looking forward to meeting more of the members.

Have you got anything planned to do different at the next show?
Well, we really want to get KCC noticed so we have designed some ‘Rebelish’ outfits to compliment the cars.

Do you have anything else you would like to say to your fans at Kent Car Club?
You have all made us feel very welcome, thank you for your continued support, looking forward to meeting you all again at the next event. xXx

April Photo Gallery

Off the back of another successful meet yesterday evening (April 24th!), a number of photographs have now been added to the photo gallery. All cars in attendance have at least one photo taken so please take a look through. If anyone would like higher quality images please contact me on the main forum via PM (Gazz).

It looks like there is going to be a good amount of banter between members attending next weeks BHP show and the next event will be confirmed once that is out of the way.

Please keep an eye on the forum as a new area has now been opened with a few photos that were not included in the photo gallery!