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We know how hard it is to find top quality traders who are honest, decent and above all else competative with their prices. To help people who live in our area, we have put together a list of some of the most highly recommended people who our club members trust to work with their cars. This is a personal listing and is not sponsored or paid for advertising so please be assured that these traders come with the highest of recommendations.

Full Flow Customs
They are a very small but dedicated outfit the specializes in custom fabrication on the whole. Primarily in Exhaust manifolds and genuine performance exhausts suited down specific needs wether its for road of race, hill climbs or endurance. Full Flow Customs literally take it all on.

They’re also non-specific to make and mark and have done RX7’s, Mx5’s and skylines to M5’s, Audi,Porsche and Ferrari. Other aspects of what Full Flow Customs do is ally header tanks, washer bottles and intercoolers. Please drop James a line whatever your needs.

Phone: 07852 109 290

Kent Car Craft
This is a garage with a difference. They specialise in Japanese import vehicles and also have a classic car specialist on site. Having worked on a variety of well known cars over the last 2 years, this garage is growing a great reputation for their quality workmanship, especially on Toyota MR2s, Supras, Nissan Skylines and the 200sx. Kent Car Craft are also able to do MOT work on all cars, including your daily run about.

Website :
Phone: 01843 587 376

Although not a local business, Injector Tune provide a strong and much needed service to car engine rebuilders and other car enthusiasts who want to know their car is working as best as it possibly can.

Cleaner injectors leads to better atomisation of fuel which means better running!

If you have been a club member and active on our forums for 6 months or over you are elligable for a 20% club discount! Check here for discount details.


SVA Imports
If you are looking to find the latest in Japanese vehicles or are looking for that special car that you simply can’t find anywhere else in the UK, speak with SVA Imports as they will be able to help source any Japanese performance vehicle to suit your needs.

Phone: 01304 211965

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  1. Hi there,
    I have been looking at your club site and see you have a strong following. I own a small company that does high quality same day wheel refurbishment. We are based in Strood and will offer club discounts for your members. We are also breaking into the leather refinishing business and will soon have this service up and running too. Feel free to visit us, or browse through my web site
    Many thanks,
    Ron Williams

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